Video Relay Service (VRS)

Phone service accessibility between deaf and hearing people

VRS allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to have telephone conversations with hearing people. Using a videophone with real-time video connection, an interpreter relays the conversation between the two parties. ZVRS is the name of the video relay service provided by The Z.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ZVRS calls may be placed anywhere within the U.S. and to over 45 countries around the world. All calls are handled professionally and with complete confidentiality. Customers who prefer to use their own voice can use VCO Plus. For Spanish-speaking individuals, we also offer HolaVRS (Español)

Watch to learn more about VRS

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  1. To place a ZVRS call from a ZVRS phone, simply dial the number of the hearing person you’re calling and you’ll automatically connect to a video interpreter from The Z.

  2. Don’t have a Z phone? You can still make calls using our topnotch interpreters. Simply dial 888.888.1116 from any videophone!

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