Address Book Importer

Address Book Importer

The Address Book Importer allows you to quickly and easily import a large number of contacts from another source, such as another videophone or an email address book.

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Using the Address Book Importer is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Create a file in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Spreadsheet

(NOTE: The contact’s phone number MUST be in the first column, with the contact’s name in the second column.)

2. Export as a CSV file

3. Use Address Book Importer to upload the CSV file to My Contacts

That’s it!

NOTE: Address Book Importer can upload only 30 contacts at one time.
If your CSV file has more than 30 entries, simply upload the original file again to My Contacts and the next 30 contacts will automatically be added. Repeat the steps (using the original CSV file) until all entries have been uploaded to My Contacts.

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