VCO Plus

Single-line VCO for ultimate convenience!

Other VRS providers might offer voice carry-over (VCO) service, but none of them can match The Z for quality and ease. That’s why we call it VCO Plus!

  • Use your own voice to speak to the other caller when
    placing VRS calls, PLUS

  • Talk directly into the Z videophone using our single-line VCO technology … no need for a second phone, PLUS

  • Answer your calls directly with the press of a button, no waiting for a second line to connect, PLUS

  • Certified interpreters with specialized skills in handling VCO calls, PLUS

  • Choose your preferred communication option: American Sign Language, English-based sign language or English-based sign language with lipreading.

Watch to learn more about
VCO Plus

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  1. There are two ways to enable VCO Plus
    • You can tell the video interpreter when making a call that this is a VCO call OR
    • Go to “My Contacts” and click the name of the contact, then click the button to choose “Voice Carry Over (VCO).” The video interpreter will now know it’s a VCO call when you call this contact.

  2. When making the call, you can speak into the handset or microphone/speakerphone, and the video interpreter will interpret the dialogue from the hearing person.
  • Praise the Z products, Love it!

    Warren A.
  • The Z™’s VCO Plus is amazing! No doubt about it.

    Gina S.
  • Just used my Z4 at Panera Bread, works great.

    Bill M.
  • I love My Mail!

    Mayan M.