HolaVRS (Español)

Let’s ASL users keep in touch with Spanish-speaking friends and family.

The Z provides HolaVRS for deaf or hard of hearing people who wish to communicate with hearing Spanish speakers without barrier. With HolaVRS, a video interpreter translates between American Sign Language and spoken Spanish. If you prefer using your own voice to speak directly to someone who speaks Spanish, use our voice carry-over (VCO Plus) service.


  • From a Z Phone: click the HolaVRS shortcut button or select “HolaVRS” from your My Contacts list.

  • Don’t have a Z phone? Just call 866.710.HOLA (866.710.4652) from any videophone to use HolaVRS toll free!

  • Want to add HolaVRS to your VP-200®? Click here to download instructions.
  • Praise the Z products, Love it!

    Warren A.
  • The Z™’s VCO Plus is amazing! No doubt about it.

    Gina S.
  • Just used my Z4 at Panera Bread, works great.

    Bill M.
  • I love My Mail!

    Mayan M.

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