Private Keypad (Touch-Tone)

Use touchtone features with ease!

Private Keypad enables a ZVRS user caller to press the numbers on their keyboard or keypad to send information to the party they are calling.

Private Keypad is often used for automated menu systems (for example, if the menu asks you to enter an account number or to select a number to reach a certain department extension or to choose between English and Spanish). Instead of signing the number to the video interpreter, the ZVRS user can simply press the numbers on their keyboard or keypad. This provides added security for your accounts, because the interpreter never sees your account number.

See how Private Keypad works

(Double click for full screen)


Ready to use Private Keypad?

  1. On all Z phones, simply press the appropriate numeric key on the device’s keypad.

  2. If you’re using Z4 or Z4 Mobile, open up the numeric keypad and tap the appropriate numbers.
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