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Video Interpreters

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The Z’s video interpreters (VIs) follow very high standards of service excellence—above and beyond what the Federal Communications Commission requires. For instance, our VIs are all certified and screened to be qualified. Our interpreters also abide by the Professional Code of Conduct developed by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), so callers can rest assured their conversations will be facilitated by professionals. Caller identity and call content is kept completely confidential.

Our VIs are trained to offer a variety of services. If you choose VRS, VIs will use American Sign Language (ASL) with you and speak English with the hearing caller. If you choose HolaVRS (Español), VIs will use ASL with you and speak Spanish with the hearing caller. If you choose voice carry over (VCO Plus), you can choose to have the VI interpret in ASL, use English-based signing, or use both English-based signing and lipreading.

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  • Praise the Z products, Love it!

    Warren A.
  • The Z™’s VCO Plus is amazing! No doubt about it.

    Gina S.
  • Just used my Z4 at Panera Bread, works great.

    Bill M.
  • I love My Mail!

    Mayan M.